USB HighTech 2012 Promo Flash Drives

These custom Flash Drives are available in so many unusual treatments, a sleek Silver Stainless Steel model to a Yellow Rubber Duckie. A company can personalize these drives with their own logo and colors, a motto, a memorable date or the name of the recipient as well as your business name. Using these drives is a savvy marketing strategy to introduce your company at corporate events.

Companies use promotional products to promote a lasting impression for their firms at a reasonable price. The USB or Thumb Drive will satisfy these requirements. The recipients will have this device in their hands constantly. These drives are used for all their data storage requirements, be they documents, files, tax returns, photos, minutes of the last meeting, notes for a speaking engagement, legal documents, or anything that you have stored in your computer. Many people use them as a back-up for their hard wireless do not disturb light and of course the fact that they are so portable makes them a popular gift. When a Flash Drive is given as part of your marketing campaign the benefits to your image is most rewarding.

They can also be called Pen Drives, Stick or Jumbo Drives, and the designs and availability are endless. A very popular style is the combination Key Chain and Swivel Drive. The unit then stays in a pocket or purse and goes everywhere. If you want something that always has value there is the drive combined with a Led Light, actually you can do a key chain, USB Drive and a Led Light. there are Swivel Drives, and Pen drives, drives shaped like a golf ball. They can be serious or fun but are always useful. I strongly suggest you look into this hot promotional giveaway, your customers will love it.

Your promotional event combined with your budget will determine your selection, But be prepared, your clients will want more than one! If word gets out at the next trade show that you’re distributing a USB drive, new potential clients will come out of the woodwork. I suggest you get more help! I’ve been at shows where these are given out and the word goes around at the 8 A:M breakfast and suddenly there is an interest in who you are from people who would have walked right by. It’s a chance you get to make your presentation that never would have opened up for you.