The particular 8 Mistakes Guaranteed to Doom Your Corporate and business Video Production

It’s been a truly amazing journey. We’ve been inside the online video and multimedia generation business since 81 and in my personal 30+ years in the business, I’ve seen several absolutely incredible advances in the sector. To put video in historical perspective, it was just 22 years before I took the plunge into professional video that Volvo, Matsushita, Toshiba, and even JVC introduced helical-scan recording, which can be typically the method used due to the fact to record in video tape recorders. It was a little while until almost the particular entire subsequent 22-year span to bring these kinds of helical scan recorders into the house.

When I started in video production in 1981, customer video recording seemed to be in its childhood. Most American properties did not have a VCR. VHS was still dealing with Betamax (what’s that?! ) for superiority in the house video format wars. Tape (huh? ) was the staple of industrial in addition to advertising video generation and 2″ “Quad” machines (what?? ) were what typically the “real” broadcast companies used for their finest quality editing and studio work. Industry cameras capable involving producing the best broadcast-quality pictures price more than many houses at the particular time. (And right now these have been surpassed in high quality by today’s customer camcorders. ) The CD-Rom had certainly not yet come upon the scene, and internet use seemed to be years away. Squeezed video and internet streaming on web web sites were barely the particular proverbial “figment” associated with someone’s imagination. Digital video disks? HDTV? You’re joking!

Yet despite the incredible technological developments over the decades, numerous things have continued to be constant. The necessity to record and retain viewers interest, tell some sort of story, and achieve one’s objectives have been all critical in order to effectively communicating then, and remain thus today.

And like technological advances possess brought affordable high-quality video and multimedia to the hands regarding the neophyte, the need to use them “correctly” features remained. Just due to the fact you then have a paint comb, it doesn’t make a person Rembrandt!

Let’s have a look at some of the particular mistakes still made in workplace corporate video and multi-media programs:

The 6 Mistakes Guaranteed to DISASTER Your Corporate Movie or Multimedia Task:


This can be the first and foremost rule of developing any model of communications system, yet it will be amazing how often it gets broken. This rule will be certainly not unique to video or perhaps multimedia programming. In all forms of audio and visual interaction, it truly is imperative in order to develop an accurate description of the targeted audience – and even remember it.

Marketplace research firms plus departments spend billions of dollars annually to find out who will receive a message as a result that proper merchandise placement, advertising and even promotions can become done. And that is money fine spent.

Yet we often see firms approaching their online video and/or multimedia projects with a “Ready, Fire, Aim” technique. They use a shotgun when a rifle is definitely called for. That they try to attractiveness to several viewers with the expect how the program can serve multiple reasons. Remember, when you try to interest everybody, you appeal to nobody.

While typically the same basic system can often be used intended for different audiences, this is recommended of which different variations or versions be developed for those different groups. It’s a simple matter in order to re-edit or re-narrate portions of a production. However , performance demands that the is prepared right from the start of the particular project.

So remember to plan typically video productions services with your current audience in head. Know what their own level of experience or experience is with the topic. This particular will avoid the particular problem of taking pictures lacking (e. g. wasting their period showing or informing them something they will know) or as well high (losing these people because you presume a level of expertise they have not yet attained