Outstanding Rare Bible Verses – Could Lord Have Made some sort of Mistake?

If scriptures on peace wrote the Holy bible or inspired the Bible, could Our god be responsible with regard to making any errors that really must be corrected inside of of the Bible? If I has been the most clever entity ever (God) and had to be able to create something from nothing like our planet, I will become able to create a flawless coaching manual like typically the Bible.

Here’s to Bible verses of which I would as if you to take a look at, yet read them with an open mind. If these were not Bible verses and sentences in one other book, could these types of really be considered textual contradictions?

Genesis thirty two: 30 (King Wayne Version) And John called the name associated with the place Peniel: for I possess observed God one on one, in addition to my life is usually preserved.

John just one: 18 (King Adam Version) No guy hath seen The almighty at any period, the only begotten Son, which is within the bosom of the Father, this individual hath declared your pet.

The first statement says that John seen God face-to-face, while the next Bible verse says that no man features seen God. This just doesn’t cease there. The other Scriptures verse says that no man features seen God at any time.

Let’s just declare God put these kinds of Bible verses in there too irritate people like myself, atheists, agnostics and even some doubting Christians. What’s the meaning behind it and even why would typically the Christian God purposely try to befuddle any Christians which are looking to know the true significance of Christianity.

We would love to listen to a number of your responses regarding these Bible poems and why or perhaps why don’t you might think that they were or weren’t some sort of contradiction.