Looking at the Advantages and Dimension of a Heart-Lung Machine

Both adult and pediatric patients with heart and lung problems are able to benefit from any available dimension of a heart-lung machine. This medical equipment that may come in many kinds and dimensions of a heart-lung machine gives support that is needed for circulatory and cardiopulmonary purposes. Each device is typically composed of tubes or the arterial and venous cannula, silicone tubing, bubbler, reservoir that is responsible for holding blood, flow meter, monitoring tools for pressure, arterial line filter, heat exchanger, cardiotomy and electrolyte analyzer.

Main Purposes

Through time, the style and the dimension of Heart-Lung Machines may vary and change, but this remains to be a very important medical device. This can assist in removing carbon dioxide from the blood of the patient and deliver oxygen to it. This ensures that the blood flow and temperature are regulated and maintained.

The typical dimension of a heart-lung machine can be found in a healthcare facility’s operating room. The device is utilized to supply blood and provide respiration to the patient after their heart is stopped. With this equipment properly placed on a patient, the surgeons can proceed with the coronary artery bypass grafting, aortic aneurysm repairs, open-heart surgery, and other kinds of procedures and treatments for anything related to cardiac disorders.

Critical Care

Any dimension of a heart-lung machine that can be found at laboratories, which are intended for cardiac catheterization and other critical care divisions, is very helpful in maintaining the patient’s blood flow and respiration. This is used as a temporary replacement to the non-functional heart or lungs while the organs are given due time to heal.

Aside from heart and lung problems, the device can also be used in severe cases of hypothermia. This works in this case through extracorporeal circulation that helps bring back normal body temperature. The device helps in restoring the warmed blood into the patient’s body.

Sample Sizes

To give you an idea of the dimension of a heart-lung machine, this kind of device would include computerized perfusion controller, peristaltic pumps, diagonal monitor, rolling cart, poles, supplies basket, air-oxygen mixer, and anesthesia delivery system.

The great help that this device can provide in the medical field cannot be ignored. As technology continues to prosper, there will come a time that more people will be able to use and benefit from this kind of equipment.

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