Lego – A Background Of All these Building Blocks Regarding Imagination

Lego bricks. Creative imagination. Childhood. They go with each other like Mickey Mouse and Disney, wizards and Harry Potter. Lego has been a portion of childhood for much more than a few generations. Practically absolutely everyone under fifty has played with these creating blocks of creativeness. There is no telling how several engineers and scientists had been spawned by these plastic constructing blocks.

Lego is synonymous with plastic toy bricks that can be simply reworked into structures, area ships, cars, boats, trains and a myriad of other toys. The essential is that the youngster receives to assemble the toy from the fundamental building blocks. Every toy can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled in adequate new shapes and kinds to tickle the creativity and extend the youngster’s creativity.

Right now, Lego is considerably a lot more that the straightforward blocks invented in 1949. It is toys, topic parks, videos, and CDs. Lego building blocks and other items are dispersed about the world. These little plastic bricks and the business they have developed, are a phenomenon with a achievement as remarkable as Mickey Mouse.

Lego Bricks Become The Building Blocks Of Fantasy

In which did Lego come from and how did it get to be such an crucial device for childhood creative imagination?

Our tale starts in Billund, Denmark. It is 1932. Master carpenter and joiner Ole Kirk Kristiansen opened a new company. His tiny firm can make stepladders, ironing boards and picket toys. He has just six personnel. No person could have imagined, but Lego and the little creating blocks of creativity had just been born.

Two a long time afterwards, Kristiansen adopted the title Lego as a brand identify for his toys. The identify is derived from the Danish words and phrases “leg godt,” which suggest “engage in nicely.” Ironically, he later discovered that Lego in Latin indicates “I place collectively.” Lego has genuinely come to suggest “set collectively” and “play properly” in virtually each language. At this time, all of the company’s toys have been currently being created from wooden.

In 1942, the Lego manufacturing unit burned to the floor. Kristiansen rebuilt.

In 1947, the Lego Company grew to become the initial business in Denmark to get an injection-molding machine. best lego tables with storage began creating plastic toy dolls and other toys. The popular bricks had been but to be invented.

It was not till 1949 that the Lego business introduced the Computerized Binding Brick, a minor plastic brick, some with 4 studs and some with 8. At this time, the organization was generating about two hundred various plastic toys. The Computerized Binding Brick was marketed exclusively in Denmark.

By 1950, plastic toys turned 50 percent of the firm’s organization. Ole Kirk’s son, Godtfred Kirk, who had worked in the company given that age twelve, was appointed junior vice president at age thirty.

In 1954, Godtfred Kirk created a journey to England to satisfy with a acquiring agent. The acquiring agent informed Kristiansen that he thought the Automatic Binding Bricks lacked an notion and method. Godtfred returned to Denmark. The Lego Method was designed.
The subsequent yr, Godtfred introduced the Lego Method at a toy honest in Germany. It was the initial time it was released outside the house of Denmark. The benefits have been disappointing. Kristiansen did not give up. Later on that year, the Lego Method Enjoy was developed. It was an improved technique for the Lego bricks. The Lego Method Enjoy was exported to Sweden, exactly where it marketed nicely.

In 1959, Lego bricks and the Lego Program had been released in Wonderful Britain, France, and Belgium.

It wasn’t right up until 1961 that Lego bricks ended up initial promoted in the U.S. and Canada. They had been an fast hit and distribution close to the globe ongoing. By the stop of that 10 years, 843 individuals in Billund worked for the Lego firm. The 1st Legoland film was created. In 1969, the DUPLO method for kids below age 5 was introduced.

By 1970, there were nearly 1,000 employees at the plant in Billund.

In 1980, the Educational Items Section was recognized. The DUPLO Rabbit symbol was launched and a survey showed that 70 percent of all Western European households with kids underneath age 14 had Lego in their home.

As 1990 unfolded, the Lego Group had turn into one of the world’s 10 premier toy producers and the only toy organization of that measurement in Europe. The other folks have been in Japan and the U.S. Much more than a single million folks frequented the LEGOLAND topic park and Godtfred Kirk Kristiansen celebrated his seventieth birthday. Lego Publishing was renamed Lego Licensing and the LEGOLAND Band issued an LP.

With the beginning of the new century, LEGO continues to grow. It has also continued to remain a loved ones owned company. These times, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, the grandson of Ole Kirk, runs the firm.