Information About Fiberglass Bakkie Canopies You Should Know

With their custom contours and a painted exterior finish, fiberglass bakkie canopies remain a customer favorite Nudge bars.

Fiberglass canopies are designed for the specific year, make, and model offering the best fit for today’s bakkies. Most fiberglass caps have an automotive painted finish in the truck’s color code. These two factors make a fiberglass canopy the preferred choice of many bakkie owners. Add in the wide array of models addressing how individuals use their bakkies, and it’s easy to understand the popularity of this category.

Andy Cab is an authorized manufacturer and dealer of fiberglass canopies. These manufacturers are well-established industry leaders, and they each offer a wide assortment of vehicle specific models. These models can be either cab level (cab high) or taller than the cab (raised roof)

Cab High or Raised Roof Model?

Cab high models are the most popular. Cab high caps maintain a clean, aerodynamic line even with the truck’s roof. With the depth of the truck bed, and the height of the cap, most find the interior space of a cab high cap sufficient for general cargo, and in most cases, a truck with a cab high cap will still fit into a garage. Because of the popularity of cab high caps, it’s not unusual for a single manufacturer to produce many different cab high models. In certain sizes, with the multiple manufacturers, there can be eight or more cab high models for a specific truck.

The raised roof model fiberglass truck caps will typically start the level of the truck cab, but then raise from just a few to several inches taller than the cab. The raised roof caps fill the need for someone who needs more interior cargo space, and benefits from a larger rear door opening. With a raised roof cap, most full-size trucks will not fit through a standard garage door opening. The cap manufacturers will typically produce a raised roof cap for the most popular truck sizes, but won’t necessarily have models for all applications.

Both cab high and raised roof models are available with a wide selection of windows and equipment options.

Side window choices?

The side window choices on bakkie canopies vary depending on the style and function required. Side windows are available that are either sliding, tip out, or crank out for ventilation. The tip out, and crank out variety, are normally seen on windows without an exterior frame – or what’s termed a “frameless” side window. Frameless windows give the bakkie canopy a clean, almost SUV style look.

When access through the side of the bakkie canopy is necessary, the bakkie canopy can be built with side access doors. In many cases, side access doors are available with glass, solid or vented panels.

What are the popular options?

Fiberglass canopies can come equipped many different ways. Popular options include: an interior carpet headliner, front and side window choices, rooftop racks, and interior lighting and cargo management options.

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