Huge 3 Bangs for your Butt

The 3 Bangs For Your Butt butt plug is a butt plug design from TSX Sex Toys, and is the newest addition to the Peaches and Screams collection of large dildos.

3 Bangs For Your Butt is shaped like three stacked penis heads, each in increasing size. The different sizes of penis head will give you some of the most intense pleasure you could ever experience, and you can experiment with the sizes, move up to the next one as you get comfortable. This huge butt plug has a bit more space in between the head shaped bulbs, which makes it more of challenge in terms of its length.

The huge 3 Bangs For Your Butt butt plug is made from a phthalate free PVC, so it’s non toxic, skin safe and water proof. can take it into the bath or shower with you. It can be used in your hand, in your partner’s hand, or the base acts as a suction cup, so you can enjoy a hands free solo experience.

This version of the 3 Bangs For Your Butt is eleven and a quarter inches in length and has an insertable length of eight inches. The first penis shaped bulb is three inches wide, the second is three and a half inches wide, and the final penis head shaped bulb is four inches wide. The butt plug has a minimum circumference of six and a quarter inches, and a maximum circumference of nine inches. It does have some flexibility, and can bend up to a ninety degree right angle, which helps make insertion easier.

If you are new to anal play, then you might want to start with some of our smaller toys. Make sure that you are fully relaxed, and gently massage your butt, then use plenty of personal lubricant. When you’ve finished, clean your butt plug with hot soapy water, and a cleaning solution. Let it air dry before storing it away. We stock a range of lubes and cleaners that have been designed for use with sex toys.