How to Determine Chandelier Diameter and Height?

A chandelier competently adds style, ambiance, and general lighting in a room. The tricky part is choosing the right kind. If you go for a large chandelier then it can overpower the small room, whereas if you choose a small chandelier it can get lost in the large space. The strong design element as you envisioned does not get delivered. Image result for chandelier

The right chandelier needs to be proportionate to the width and height of any room. There are some other factors to consider like light layering and personal taste. Gaining chandelier knowledge before you go to can be extremely helpful.

Guidelines to choose the correct size chandelier for different rooms

Chandelier size based on the entire dining room [used as centerpiece]

To determine the width of the chandelier –

  • Measure the width and length of the room.
  • Add both the figures.
  • Convert the unit from feet to inches.

For example –

Dining room = 10 [W] X 18 [L] feet

Add both = 10 feet +18 feet = 28 inch [convert the unit in inches]

You will need to choose a chandelier with a 28” diameter. The shape of the chandelier doesn’t matter. The length of the rectangular or round fixture needs to be ½ or a maximum of 2/3rd than the table length and nothing more.

Chandelier size based on the dining table 

  1. Choosing one-chandelier over the table

You want to size the chandelier based on the dining table then the diameter of the chandelier has to be around ½ and ¾ of tabletop width. If the dining table is 48” wide then the diameter of the chandelier will be between 24” – 36”. It will ideally complement the tabletop.

  1. Choosing two to three chandeliers over the dining table

If you want to hang more chandeliers over the table then divide the width of the table with chandelier numbers and add one to it. The outcome will be the diameter of each chandelier. You will need to space them at the same distance. For example, if the tabletop width is 88” and you desire to hang three chandeliers then 88/3+1 = 22”. Thus, each chandelier will be 22”. They will need to be hung 22” from each table end.

The chandelier needs to hang 30” – 34” from table surface to fixtures bottom for a ceiling less than 8 ft. If the ceiling is higher than recommended clearance is 36” – 40”.

Chandelier size for the foyer or other space

  • Choosing the diameter of the chandelier is the same as that for the dining room. For example, a foyer space 10 feet x 10 feet means 10 + 10 = 20 feet. You will need a 20” diameter for good visual effects.
  • You will need a clearance of 7 ft. above the floor. If the ceiling is 8 ft. high then the hanging fixture will be equally small. Where the foyers are between 9 to 12 ft. high, increase the height but there has to be floor clearance of 7 ½ feet. If the foyer is 2-story high then the chandelier’s bottom needs to level with the 2nd floor.

It is recommended not to use chandeliers in the bathroom, but use wall scones for safety reasons!