How did the Game of Golf Begin?

Golf is a sport in which players use clubs to hit balls in to a series of holes. They aim to hit as few strokes as possible. For a long time it was believed to be the game of the elite, the wealthy in the society. The green and neatly mowed landscapes and water puddles weren’t for many to behold.

The Genesis

This game has been traced back to the time of Julius Ceaser, although it was a little different from the golf we know today.

The Chinese also played golf between the years of 960-1297. Evidence discovered in 2005 shows drawings and written records of a game similar to golf. It suggests that 5 centuries before the invention in Scotland, the Chinese had a game of 10 clubs and a ball that was hit in to holes dug in the ground.

Another community with the claim to the origin of golf is the Dutch. It is believed that a ball made of leather was hit with sticks in to some targets on the grass.


The Modern Golf

There are several claims as to the origin of the modern game of golf. But the acceptable and documented reference was in 1457 in Scotland. The record was written by James II whereby he banned the game claiming that it was distracting learning. In 1502 however, James IV lifted the ban and became a golfer himself.

Golf clubs and balls were first recorded in 1502-1503.

Golf has since spread all over the world and more so in holiday destinations whereby the owners have incorporated the game of golf in their packages to attract more clients. For example, vacationers get to play golf hua hin in Thailand.

Golf has become a favorite game of many enthusiasts world over and this is thanks to the Scots who helped in improving the game to what it is today.