Hoodies For Boys – Aren’t They A Good Idea?

I met a parent recently that would not allow her son to wear a hoodie. She said “hoodies for boys certainly are a bad idea”. She felt they promoted a bad attitude and even worse, rebellion. “Only criminal types put them on” she said. I didn’t agree needless to say, because I had worn them for years and don’t consider myself to become a “criminal type.”

I did so however recently read a British news article in which a certain style of hoodie was going to be banned. It had been a faceless hoodie, one that could be zipped up to completely cover the wearer’s face. It even had two transparent elliptical plastic eyes to look through! Security forces felt it was sinister and allowed wearers to completely conceal their identity. I have to admit it was pretty wicked looking and reminded me of someone wearing a gas mask or perhaps a full-bodied hazmat suit. It was camo colored and I simply knew the wearer had a concealed assault rifle somewhere!

This got me considering hoodies in general. I mean, why are they so often associated with criminal behavior now days. It didn’t was previously that way. Didn’t people from all backgrounds just put them on to be casual and stay warm as well. When I was a youngster we just called them sweat shirts with hoods and you either wore a pullover or one that zipped up. I thought the pockets were what made them cool, one big one over the front you could lock your cold hands in. They even annoyed me at times when I’d lose the neck string inside the sweat shirt also it would take me hours to obtain it back!

I was thinking about all the famous or notorious personalities through history who wore hoodies. There was medieval monks, they wore sort ‘a corny looking dark pullover with hoods. And through the same time the common European peasant wore a hoodie like coat or blanket, right? What about Robin Hood? There is Little Red Riding Hood. The Seven Dwarfs and Snow White herself. blanket hoodie to say so did the wicked queen when she was a witch. In fact a great deal of witches ware hoodies! What about Shrek… and Rocky? There is really a couple or hero types that wore a hoodies (and a beanie in Rocky’s case). What I am saying is merely about every stereotype can be found wearing a hoodie at some point and time. Even the Mexican Serape would have a hood onto it if Sombreros weren’t so cool!

The point is that hoodies are for everybody even for boys, and they don’t make anybody good or bad. We do this ourselves with or minus the hoodie. Hoodies can be made with certain colors combinations or logos to identify the wearer with a certain lifestyle or group and maybe that’s were one needs to work with a little discernment or good sense but after that I believe it just boils down to they’re comfortable, convenient and down right practical. So in the end I will continue to wear my hoodie and hopefully it generally does not upset anyone.