Fat Man Mega Dong

The Fat Man Mega Dong is one of TSX Sex Toys large dildos. It’s called the Mega Dong for a reason. That’s exactly what it is. A wonderfully large dildo that had to join Peaches and Screams collection of large dildos.

The Fat Man Mega Dong is for pleasure seekers who need their dildos to have a little more width. This flesh coloured dildo begins with a flared, swollen head, which gives you even more stimulation, and then it has a thick tapered shaft, ending in a pair of balls. The Fat Man Mega Dong can be sued for men and women, anally and vaginally, alone or with a partner. It’s not really a toy for beginners, but is definitely one to work towards.

The Fat Man Mega Dong is made from a phthalate free PVC. http://yoursite.com and skin safe, and is almost completely inflexible. The design and inflexibility means that it gives the ultimate pleasurable sensations when its inserted. It’s waterproof, so you can use it in your bath or shower.

The Fat Man Mega Dong is eight inches in length and of that six and three quarter inches can be inserted. It has a minimum width of two and three quarter inches, but it widens out along the shaft to a maximum width of three and a half inches. It has a minimum circumference of eight and a half inches at its slimmest point. The maximum circumference of the widest part of the Fat Man Mega Dong is ten and a half inches.

The Fat Man Mega Dong can bring you thrills and waves of pleasure unlike any you’ve ever experienced before, but you will absolutely need to make sure that your body is as relaxed as possible. You’ll also need plenty of lube. We have a range of toy safe lubes that can help you enjoy the Fat Man Mega Dong. When you’ve finished playing with your new toy, clean it with one of our toy cleaners, so that it can be ready for action at a moments notice.