Diet and Lifestyle Changes: 5 Ways to Naturally Increase Libido

Forget pills, porn, and things that go buzz. There are diet and lifestyle changes that can naturally increase your libido. And the best news? Most are free!

Eat Sexy Foods

There’s no need to search out elusive aphrodisiacs or expensive supplements to increase libido. Eating a well-balanced diet can go miles when it comes to getting in the mood. Fresh, unprocessed foods can make a person feel lighter and more energetic than heavily processed or fried foods.

Of course, if you want to bust out the dark chocolate, figs, and oysters for a hot pre-sex meal, that’s always an exciting option.

Don’t Stress Out

It’s easier said than done but lowering stress levels can have a positive effect on sex drive. Worrying about the kids, work, the state of the world can be instant mood killers.

Take some time before getting romantic to clear out all the negative thoughts. Yoga, meditation, or even zoning out to a show both partners enjoy can reduce cortisol levels. And less stress means a higher capacity for pleasure.

Sleep More
Your bed is for more than doing the deed. And if you or your partner aren’t getting enough rest, lighting things up between the sheets will be the last thing on your minds. Try getting frisky in the shower before bed and enjoy more sweet dreams under the covers.

Take Some Selfies
Sure, some partners enjoy trading sexts, but taking sexy selfies — and not sending them — can also increase libido. If you’re feeling yourself some morning while getting ready, take a few photos of yourself looking hot, save them in your hidden folder on your phone, and pull them out when you need a self-confidence boost.

Taking hot photos or videos of consensual adult activities and then watching them together, later, can also get the juices flowing.

Breathe More
Tantric sex has a resurgence every generation. But beyond the mystical practice that can be hard to master, breathing with your partner can help you get in the mood. Pheromones are there to remind you of your pair bond. And increased oxygen levels in the brain and blood make your body feel good. And when your body feels good, orgasm is more likely.

Of course, medical issues, medications, and the grind of everyday life can all lead to lagging libido. Both partners should check with their medical and mental health professionals or Sexologistif lack of sex drive creates tension in the relationship.