Delta 8 Thc Vape Cartridge

Effects were absolutely amazing. Calm sensation with a nice body load similar to indica flower. Very happy with my product and I’ll definitely be purchasing again. Just Delta Store on the lungs but the terps ensure the taste is good and the effects are similar to what you’d expect. Not as strong as D9, but just as long lasting and even though milder you can feel the relaxation and mood lift.

A customer loved these tinctures so much that he went on to call 3Chi the “best supplier of delta-8 products currently on the market”. Never use this product with vaporizers or other vape devices. They are not compatible with vaping devices. You can choose to pop one of two gummies at a time, depending on the high you want to feel. Have them with food or not more than 30 minutes before your meals.

Works well with any of my batteries. Overall this product is amazing and I have another order on the way. My only worry is that the lab reports do not test for heavy metals or pesticides. I’m not sure why but if they could provide me this I’d be sure to solely purchase from this vendor and have no need for any other sources. Love your product otherwise guys haven’t had anything better from any Dispo or otherwise.

Would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to explore a thc analog without taking any blows to their capacity to perform. One cart lasted me several weeks with regular daily use. Clear, lucid, upbeat, productive, colors-popping buzz w/o any confusion, anxiety, or heaviness. On par with delta 9 as far as I’m concerned.

Tried 3CHi for Delta 8 carts & they rock. This helps with PTSD, A.D.D., And takes the negative effect away from Adderall. With the Adderall Delta 8 combo, I feel like i can live a productive life.

So I have been buying and vaping flower since 2018. But it’s a pain to get and you just never know. I got Lemon Gelato and it tastes wonderful!! Loved the high and well worth the money.

Amazing high, amazing potency, and amazing taste on all strains. Product has a fruity taste and smell once vaporized. Can be a bit harsh even on the lowest heat setting with light pulls. Catridge itself is well designed and has not leaked. The entire shopping process was simple and easy.

I rarely leave reviews for any company, but this company deserves it! If anyone is skeptical about ordering, don’t be. Customer service is even better.

Overall, pineapple express is great product that works as intended. I would describe it as a healthy focused and calming feeling 2x. Definitely safe to order from here and will buy again. Definitely please with this produce. I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

That THC sting is there and generates high eyes. Couldn’t tell the difference from a delta 9 if it wasn’t clear. Honestly I was very skeptical at first, however I What are the benefits of delta 8 gummies? received my order in 3 days and the quality is genuinely extremely good. Felt the need to leave a comment as I was and am actually very impressed with the oil.

From testing this product users reports exceptional relaxation and nighttime relief. Overuse may cause excessive sleep or grogginess in the Delta 8 Cartridge morning. Start low and build only if needed after about 20 minutes. I was so freaking impressed I’ve already placed three separate orders!

Absolutely love this product. It helps me relax at night and get a good nights sleep. However not a huge fan of the flavor.

Compared to most other D-8 carts, this did not hurt the throat as much. In fact, the aroma, the smoke, and the taste were all quite smooth. From the first to the last puff – it always felt nice and never burnt or off-flavor.

Will definitely be back, thanks a ton. The Jack herer terps are awesome. The effects are exactly what I wanted out of d8. Relief, light buzz throughout my body and very little head high. Very potent cart that zaps anxiety and leaves you feeling good. It’s safest to choose a brand like 3Chi that produces high-quality, natural hemp products and adheres to federal laws and safety norms.

Ordered the Strawberry cough and Lemon Kush 3 days ago. It was a Friday and it arrived Monday. Can’t beat the price will definitely buy more.

And that’s not to mention the cartridge’s effectiveness. Each and every customer appreciated how satisfying, uplifting, and calming the cartridge made him/her feel. Tried the strawberry cough and the pineapple cake.

I got Blue Dream and it tastes great and gives you a nice mellow buzz without the negative effects of regular cannabis. I will never be able to buy d8 from anyone else ever again. Potency is better than any option at the same price, doesnt leak , my throat doesnt feel sore, so smooth.

I smoke delta 9 everyday and I have to say I might be smoking more Delta 8! Honey Bunz tastes like ACTUAL Honey Bunz. White Runtz taste like nerds candy.

I’m in a not so legal state so I figured I give this a try. Lil pricy but you Delta 8 Cartridges get what you pay for! Thank you 3chi for the life changing experience.