Charity Fundraising Events and Fundraising Ideas For Charity

Charity fundraising events provide the opportunity for a large group of people to help towards making a larger donation within a short space of time. They also raise lots of awareness for the charity, which is vital for gaining long term support.

Fundraising ideas for charities

There are many different types of fundraising ideas for charity:

Sports days or sponsored runs bring communities together, all working to raise money for one cause. All you need is a large outdoor area, such as a school playground or a field and people to take part. Ask them to sign up to take part and collect as many sponsors as possible. It can also be made into a larger event by having stalls selling food and drink or doing a raffle or lucky dip. This will also attract more people to come and visit.

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Putting on a concert or talent show and pulling together favours from various bands and performers, can potentially also make a lot of money if you promote it enough. People can pay to get in and have a great night filled with lots of entertainment. Again a raffle or auction could be done to raise even more money and get people involved and interested.

Jumble sales and car boots are also a good idea, as people can just collect together all their unwanted gifts and junk and sell them on to those who want to buy them. The profits can be donated to a cause of your choice.

You could even bake some cakes or biscuits and sell them at your local community centre or school.

It’s a clever idea to use national holidays to organise a fundraising event and get everyone in the mood to take part, for example Christmas or Easter. People tend to be off work or school, so they will have more time to think about getting involved. Maybe hold an Easter Egg Hunt or a fancy dress party. You could also organise a group of friends to go round your local neighbourhood and do some carol singing. Maybe plan a nativity play at the local school and charge parents to watch.

Firework displays and bonfire parties in November are popular too. Of course, there are lots of different ideas that could be considered and the more unique and fun they are, the more likely people are to get involved. Always be enthusiastic and tell as many people as possible. Offer lots of incentives to increase the interest and make sure you clearly display which charity you are supporting and more information about how donations will help.