5 Reasons Why We Sleep Better And More Often During The Winter

Winter can make you cozy especially when watching a movie, and it can also make you tired. Granted, if you stay out there in the cold, you’re going to be anything but cozy. But you’re going to be snuggled up under the covers or sitting in front of the fireplace with the family.

All things considered, winter is a time when people are more often than not indoors and in hibernation mode, relaxing and enjoying the holidays. Why else is winter season a time when people like to get extra sleep?

The weather can certainly impact your sleeping habits. No matter the season, when it rains, don’t you just want to relax and stay indoors?

The rain can certainly have that effect, and the winter weather can have the same effect. And then there is the fact that during winter, darkness comes much earlier. People wind down sooner, and outside of work hours, they often go to bed sooner.

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Of course, I work from home and structure my schedule according to what the day brings. That’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s a blessing.

In ways, everyone structures their days according to what comes their way, and that lines up with why people tend to sleep more during the winter.

Unfortunately, wintertime is also a season when more people get sick. I just got over being sick. I am having problems being humble about saying that because I don’t get sick often.

But it happens, and when you are sick, you want to get some rest. So that is just another reason why people often go ahead and sleep more during the winter.

It’s also real toasty under those covers. Researchers do say that a colder room helps people sleep more comfortably though. But by a colder room, I mean 65-70 degrees, not wintertime indoors of course. Still, I love getting in the bed under the covers during the winter and sleeping in, don’t you?

When it comes to winter, it not only gets darker faster, but there is often less light anyway, even during the day so watching a movie is just perfect.

The sun can be out in full force of course, but that’s not always the case. Comfort food can also put you to sleep, and don’t we just love to eat comfort food during the winter?

Plus, Thanksgiving and Christmas are definitely times when we all like to eat a little more.

Winter can also stress people out sometimes, and it can be a season for somewhere cabin fever sets in a little. The stress can make them want to sleep more. There are other reasons why people love to sleep more during the winter, too.

We’ve covered quite a few of them, and well, it’s winter, and it’s time to get some sleep, right? If that sounds like a plan, get under those covers and enjoy some extra z’s. Winter is a great time for extra sleep and to catch up on those movies you wished you watched.