5 gadgets to make your home smart

Have you ever heard of smart home? They are that kind of house with the latest technology to give you the chance to monitor and control everything that happens there. You just have to take a look around: lights that turn on by them when detecting movement, digital access keys and even electronic bathtubs that call you to warn you that the bath is ready.

Did you like it? Here are 5 gadgets to make your home smart:

1. Biometric lock

Digital access controls are already used in businesses, but are now also available to store your home. As the lock needs a fingerprint to allow access, it is a good option to increase security and help you if you are a person who frequently loses keys!

2. Wireless lighting

It is an intelligent system that allows you to control the intensity of light in each environment via the app. Philips, for example, calls it HUE. The company also joined the Google Assistant, which allows you to create commands such as “wake up softly” and program a white light to be warmer and turn off when it’s time to sleep.

3. TV that recognizes movements

There is a Samsung TV with technology that eliminates the need for remote control. A camera recognizes your voice and your movements and the system understands the commands. So you can also access social networks, download videos and solve personal things without needing a password.

4. Voice command

Voice control systems that help you make calls, choose the songs you want to listen to or call insurance when you blow a tire out of your car are now also available for your home: Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant. They help you with almost any task: reading news, locking doors, buying products and so on…

5. Smart vacuum cleaner

You should already know this one. He became popular on the internet with videos of kittens on top of him. But aside from the joke, it is a very useful gadget. In addition to automatically vacuuming dust, it has sensors that help you find obstacles in the way, such as cabinets or chairs, and thereby create cleaning routes. You can also map the route from your mobile phone!

Smart cities

It seems a distant thing, but cities are very close to becoming smart. This is what the Bluetooth Company is studying: what would happen if all things are connected?

For example: have you ever wondered what percentage of city traffic caused by vehicles circulating in search of a place? Sensors in each of them can identify unoccupied spaces, such as those that operate in shopping malls. But linked to apps, this data can be information that makes life easier for drivers.